Any form of electrical work carries some risk. That’s why local governments regulate electrical work and projects. In order to get electrical work approved, the city of Shoreline, WA requires inspections. These inspections ensure that  a proposal as built conforms to the approved plans and minimum code requirements.

In this post we will highlight the steps required to get your electrical work approved in Shoreline, WA. 

Fill Out the Application Packet 

To obtain an electrical permit to allow installation, alteration, and renovations to electrical systems in Shoreline, you must submit an approval packet to obtain a permit. Each packet contains different requirements depending on if you are working on a commercial or residential project or if you are the owner of the property or a contractor. 

For the residential electrical permit submittal packet, a Department of Labor and Industries Permit Application must be filled out and submitted along with the appropriate fees per schedule on the application. 

If you are the property owner, you will fill out this permit application form and have your project inspected for approval. 

Schedule an Inspection 

The city of Shoreline allows you to schedule your inspection online for your convenience. Shoreline offers three methods to schedule inspections (online, by phone or by QR code).  

WA State Dept of Labor & Industries conduct all electrical inspections for the City of Shoreline.

After the inspection, the inspector will notify the permit holder or agent of any corrections necessary for code compliance. Any portions that are not determined complete must be corrected and are to remain uncovered until approved by the inspector. Re-inspections may be subject to a minimum hourly charge of $199.