The weather is cooling down and holiday season is looming just around the corner. Many people start looking forward to enjoying their hot tubs, especially as temperatures drop. When set up, operated and maintained properly, hot tubs can provide many hours of fun and relaxation. We’re happy to provide seasonal electrical tips for hot tubs. Especially when it comes to proper hot tub wiring and ensuring owner safety.

Hot Tub Wiring

However, before you start inviting guests over, it is your responsibility to make sure your hot tub is safe. Do not underestimate that hot tubs involve water and electricity, and we all know those two things can be deadly when put together. Because hot tub wiring comes so close to water all the times, if your wiring isn’t done properly you run the risk of shock or electrocution, which could result in death or serious injury. This is not a job for an amateur, but unfortunately, a lot of amateurs try to utilize whatever they may have learned from their friends or the internet to wire their own hot tub.

If you have recently purchased a home that has a hot tub, just because you turned it on and it seemed to be in proper working order does not mean you should jump right in before you have it checked out by a licensed electrician. Even if your home had a home inspection done prior to purchase, most home inspectors are not licensed electricians and do not examine hot tub wiring regularly, or even properly. People also frequently buy homes from owners who installed hot tubs themselves. Obviously, this is special cause for concern.

Not a new homeowner and have had your hot tub for years?  Inspection is a must by an electrician.

If it is off on for several months, new problems could have arisen due to inactivity… rodent damage or torn and frayed wiring, for example.

Improper wiring could possibly damage equipment resulting to manufacturer’s warranty issues. With that, it’s best to stay on top of regular maintenance throughout the years.

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