Outdoor Lighting

The holidays may have passed by so quickly, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy flickering lights and festive sights anymore. Today, we’re going to share with you some ways to upgrade your outdoor lighting so that you can illuminate and liven up your home.

Tips For Unique Outdoor Lighting At Home

Let’s cut right to the chase, and check out these amazingly beautiful outdoor lighting options that you can use outside your home:

Solar Mason Jar Lids

Mason jars have risen in popularity because of their classic and sturdy look, making them perfect Instagram accents. Why not use the novelty of this jar for your lighting needs? Some online shops and local novelty stores sell solar-powered Mason jar lids, which consists of a regular Mason jar screw lid and a solar panel lid insert. Put the jar under the sun for at least 6 hours, and this can illuminate your evenings outdoors with a unique twist.

Christmas lights wrapped around posts and trees

Who says you can use these babies only during the holidays? Christmas lights are perfect for outdoor lighting any day of the year, if you ask me. It might be best to choose lights in one to two colors, preferable with LED bulbs for the sake of safety and energy conservation. One great way to showcase this kind of lights is by wrapping them around posts or trees. This can instantly give you the holiday feels even outside the season.

String seashells with lights

Bring the sea into your backyard by attaching seashells to your Christmas lights or string lights. The seashells can mute the glaring illuminance of your bulbs, while at the same time giving you a summer kind of feeling.

Old string lights placed in glass shades

Here’s a quick and easy tip: You can combine old glass shades (that you may have stored somewhere in your home) and some string lights (preferably in one color) to create a nifty outdoor light! Just place the string lights inside the glass shade, and hook up the lights to a power source.

Railing lights

To create a perfect mood lighting outdoors, install railing lights onto the bottom surfaces of your outdoor steps. You can also add it on railings or counters. The effect is a soft illumination without the glare of traditional outdoor bulbs.

Need Help?

Many of these outdoor lighting tips are easy to do. Some of them may require intermediate knowledge on electrical systems.

Wire Craft can help you hook up a new set of outdoor lighting fixtures. Fixtures that are not only visually appealing, but also perfectly safe.