Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, no security lights, and you found an intruder inside your home. The intruder’s risking their life and freedom to steal your valuable belongings, as well as putting you and your family in jeopardy. It sounds like something taken from a movie, but this isn’t as unheard of as you think. Home invasions and burglaries have been on the rise the past few years in the Greater Seattle area. Here’s just one case in Renton where multiple burglaries have gone on without any surveillance or deterrents. And just because you’re inside the house or have deterrents to keep robbers at bay, you could still be at risk. So what can you do to protect yourself from being a victim? Let’s start off with some facts.

Security Lights

The Seattle Facts

In recent years, the greater Seattle area has seen an average of 6,836 burglaries reported by Seattle Police Department. Though in the last few years it’s been on the rise. 2015 alone had just over 7,500 reports. This might not sound so bad, thinking there is probably million homes in Seattle right? Wrong. Around 283,610 occupied housing units in Seattle puts a staggering 2.41% chance of your home being burgled. But is the gamble worth it?

You Can Lose It All Before you Win the Lotto

We all probably dreamt one time or another about winning the lottery.  The Washington Lotteries statistics shows there are seven lottery games you could possibly play.  I’m going to use Match 4 as a reference. It costs $2 per ticket and could potentially have you win $10,000. Although, its winning percent is a mere 0.01%. This means if you put $482 every year into this lottery, you will have the same chance of winning versus being broke in Seattle.

Reduce Your 2.41% Chance with Security Lights

There are a lot of options in home security, but one of the easier and cheapest security updates is to add security lights around your home. It’s well-known that burglars despise lights, most steal in the dark and when a light suddenly comes on from their motion, most run in fear or stop in their tracks to assess their situation. Erin Raub did a write up at about 8 burglar deterrents to consider (and 5 to avoid) and motion-actived security lights definitely fall into the list of deterrents. Of course, coupled with installing security cameras – you can become your very own vigilante Judge Dredd like this construction site in Mountlake Terrace and put crime at its knees with video surveillance to help solve crimes and help prosecution.

At the end of the day, it’s best to invest into some sort of deterrent or security system to keep your home safe. The more security you add, the less likely chance you have of being robbed. If you leave yourself wide open with no deterrents, you will be fed to the birds. On the contrary, the birds will be fed by you. If you are interested in motion-activated security lights, surveillance camera and/or alarm system, contact us today or give us a call to see what we can do to help keep your home safe.

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