Signs of Home Electrical Problems

If you’ve ever watched BBC’s Sherlock or any modern detective show, one of the highlights is always how our hero is able to accurately predict facts about people just by observing. A frayed thread on a sweater can imply a hasty escape. Dirt on the shoes implying they’ve been somewhere out in the country. The way it’s all presented feels very superhuman. But there are certain principles you can apply in your home to tell if there’s something wrong just by, well, observing.

Electrical problems are not something you want to find out about. When the issues finally emerge, it can be costly at best and dangerous at worst. Knowing a few common signs of electrical issues can help you be your very own Sherlock.

Tripped Breakers

This is probably the one that most people know. When a circuit is being overused, your breaker will trip. But that’s not the only case in which this will happen. If you shut off the electrical supply, the breakers are designed to stop wires from overheating. And they can trip simply by being too old. That last one is key. With how massive of a safety measure breakers are for preventing issues, you need to make sure your breakers are fully functioning. If you’re in an older house, you might need to consider bringing in a electrician to replace your breakers with newer versions.

Lights Flickering

This is another occurrence that would be easy to dismiss. Typically when you’re lights are flickering, you either tighten or replace the bulb. But it can also be indicative of a larger, unseen issue. If it’s not the bulb, it either means the fixture itself is degrading and needs repairs or you have a larger wiring problem on your hands.

Hot Light Switches and Outlets

This one probably seems obvious. If you touch an outlet or a switch in your home and it feels hot, that can’t be a good sign. Make sure you unplug whatever is drawing power from the outlet. There’s a chance it’s just being overloaded. However, if you’re in an older home with older outlets and switches, this can also point toward a major wiring issue that you’ll want to address immediately.

Have you found any of these problems in your house? We can help. Wire Craft’s electricians are equipped to walk through your home, inspect these symptoms, and help execute a plan to get it fixed right away. We’ll make sure your home is safe and give you peace of mind. Send us a service request today.