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Energy Star Appliances: Do They Really Pay for Themselves?

energy starYou’ve probably seen the Energy Star sticker on countless appliances throughout the past couple decades. The symbol has become ubiquitous with energy saving since it emerged 24 years ago. But how effective are Energy Star appliances in application? Is it just another marketing tactic or does it have a real impact on your energy bill? Will the appliances pay for themselves? The answers to these questions aren’t exactly simple, but can be enlightening.

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5 Energy-Saving Electrical Tips For The Bathroom

energy-saving electric tips for bathroom

Did you know you can save quite a bit on your electrical bill by making some small changes in the bathroom, in five common areas: water use, lighting, insulation, ventilation and personal appliances. We have energy-saving tips for you, which translates to some reduced electrical bills… and I know you’re interested in finding out how to make that happen.

Read on to find out more, as our experts here at Wire Craft Electric provide some practical suggestions to save money on your electrical bill.

Cut Water Use

  • Conserve on water use by investing in a low flow shower head. Find a shower head that has water flow of one to two gallons a minute, for maximum savings
  • Install an aerator on your faucet to limit flow to half a gallon a minute
  • Invest in a low-flow flushing system for the toilet can cut the amount of water per flush up to nearly 50%, too. Buy a toilet with a 1.28 gallons per flush limit
  • One more device that can reduce your electrical bill is a hot water recirculating pump, with timer to maintain instant availability of hot water
  • Fix any leaks right away – it’s easy to patch or throw down towels to avoid confronting the problem head on (life gets busy!), but fixing the issue right away is going to save you time, money, and resources

Use Eco Lighting

From the night light to the mirror lighting, use either compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or light-emitting diode bulbs (LED). Look for ENERGY STAR rated bulbs for a 75 percent drop in energy use, and a period of use 25 times longer than older model incandescent bulbs.

Ventilate with a new, energy-efficient fan

ENERGY STAR rated ventilation fans, with built-in lighting, use approximately 65% less energy than the conventional fans. In terms of dollars, this is a savings of approximately $120.

Seal for Greater Insulation for Better Energy-Saving

Seal around your bathroom windows, baseboards, and floor. Also, seal the spaces around pipes, duct work, and any electrical wiring to reduce heating and cooling costs. Note that a jacket around your hot water heater can cut heat loss into the surrounding cooler air by 25-40%.

Change your habits in the bathroom:

  • Unplug your toothbrush, razor, and any rechargeable appliances when charged
  • Be economical in your use of the hair dryer, curling iron, and other appliances – maybe find a time to shower when you can allow your hair to air-dry, or only use a curling iron a couple of times a week
  • Turn off the water while you soap your hands, brush your teeth, or have. Turn water back on to rinse
  • Discipline yourself to take 5-10 minute showers, instead of baths, to save a considerable water

If you have any electrical questions, we’re here and ready to help.

Call Wire Craft Electric to help you start save money on your electrical bill, today. Energy-saving matters!


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