Purchasing an older home in Seattle often comes with many benefits – a great neighborhood, tons of character, and rock-solid construction. However, older homes come with their share of issues, too. Read on to learn about common electrical problems in older Seattle homes and how they can be solved.

top electrical problems

Top Electrical Problems – #1 Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was the go-to method for electricians from the 1880s through the 1930s, and many continued to use the method all the way through the 1970s for new construction. If you purchase an older home, you might find “hidden” knob and tube wiring throughout the house.

The problem with knob and tube wiring is that it only has two wires:

A black or hot wire and a white neutral one.

There is no ground wire in the system. Knob and tube has restriction to a 60-amp service.

One of the biggest dangers of knob and tube is the fact that the insulation for the wires is from rubber instead of plastic. It worns down, leaving live wires exposed to air and moisture, which increases the chance of a short or fire. 

If you need to update the knob and tube system, add more circuits, or ground the electric, you’ll want to hire a reputable professional to do the job.

Top Electrical Problems – #2 Missing Junction Boxes

Some older homes in Seattle and the Puget Sound region don’t have a junction box. This is where they install a light fixture.

You’ll need to also install junction boxes if one of your home renovation plans is to install new fixtures. New light fixtures require them. Each installation needs individual execution. It may not be as straightforward even this may seem like a small job,

Wire Craft Electric can get junction boxes installation correctly for you. This will ensure you don’t have any issues with your new light fixtures.

Top Electrical Problems – #3 Moisture Intrusion

Seattle is not lacking in moisture, and sometimes that can pose a problem to your home’s electrical system. If your home’s electrical system has moisture, checking is a must. If any part of it is not rain-tight, you will not want to deal with that issues on your own and should contact a professional electrician.

Older homes hold plenty of charm and character. Problems can be visible or not.

If your older Seattle home has any electrical issues, contact the professionals at Wire Craft Electric.