Let’s talk about winter power outages. When the electricity threatens to go, what do you do to keep yourself prepared? With snow, wind, and rain causing branches to break and cause blackouts, you could be out of power for hours or days. That’s why it’s important to have the right resources to stay warm and comfortable while you wait out the storm – or the right electrician if it’s something minor that calls for a professional. You’ll be glad you prepared in advance, instead of sitting in the dark twiddling your thumbs.

Winter Power Outages & EmergenciesBelow is a list of items that you should have ready to keep yourself safe and warm while you patiently wait for the lights to come back on.

Flashlights is a must have for winter power outages

Having multiple flashlights around the house is essential. I know, I know; our cell phones can “do it all.” However, light on your phone can suck the life right out of the battery, which may be more important to use that cell phone for emergency updates or calls (and maybe a crucial Netflix binge). Flashlights come in all different shapes, sizes, and features. We always recommend to have at least one hand-crank flashlight that can run indefinitely. Omni flashlights or led lanterns can also be used to light up a whole room. These are much better than the lights we all used growing up to play flashlight tag or to make scary faces while telling stories around the campfire.


Candles are another good and cheap way to illuminate room. Keeping a few in storage with some matches or a lighter is always a good idea and can also be used to warm up your hands. Make sure you have a candle stand if you’re using – you don’t want to risk burning the house down.

Backup Generator

If you experience a lot extended amount of blackouts, live in a rural area, need a fail-safe plan for medical life safety devices or fridge/freezer, or just want the convenience of an aux power just in case; then a backup generator might be a great investment. This really comes down to if it’s a right fit for your home but just remember that foodsafety.gov believe four hours is the maximum amount of time before items start to go bad. That could potentially be a lot of food and dollars lost.


Glowsticks are just for raves and music festivals. They can provide illumination that can last up to 6-8 hours. With one snap, you will have instant glow to see where you’re going.

Hand Crank Radio for winter power outages?

Instead of fumbling outside to get to your car and listen to the emergency service, having a hand crank radio can keep you in the know of what’s going on. Of course, you can also try to stream the news off your phone but, once again, it might drain the battery which might be needed if you’re stuck with no power for an extended period.

Propane Burners For Cooking

Seattle is known for cheap electricity for applications like stovetops. But if the lights go out, so does your cooking. If you are fortunate to have a propane range or outdoor grill, this can be a true godsend when your meat is slowly spoiling in the refrigerator.

Crank USB Chargers

Your cell phone is your life and if it dies, so does a little part of you inside. Okay that’s a bit dramatic, but your phone can be a valuable resource for information and communication during a blackout. Thankfully, we have a awesome list of Off The Grid Chargers that will keep anything that uses a USB charged.

Okay, I know what you are going to say. If you just had this plus the cell phone, then why even have the other items? Because if you’re phone broke or couldn’t find it, you’d be in the dark without any other options.

Hand and Feet Warmers is a MUST-HAVE during winter power outages

Frostbite is no joke. You could be in your home bundled up but your feet and hands could easily succumb to the cold winter temperature. You can always add more layers of clothing, but Hand and Feet Warmers can be even more effective.

Are the Neighbors’ Lights On?

Imagine this. You are in the dark and you look outside the window to see street lights on. Neighbors all cozy with their televisions. Usually watching the nightly news. It’s simple. you might need to call an electrician, as it seems to be only affecting your home. This article is about preparing for the worst, but sometimes lights go out and it might not be completely out of your hands. We have a troubleshooting guide for power outages.

You can call Wire Craft today to have a certified electrician come out and fix the problem.

Stay safe out there Seattle!