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There are usually two reasons why a homeowner would want to replace an electrical panel: 1) safety, and 2) acquire more amperage. Regardless of what bucket you are in, Wire Craft Electric can help you get your panel upgrades safely and ensure we adhere to strict electrical codes.

Our electricians are up to date with the newest techniques to make your home safer and allow you the flexibility to add electrical circuits to upgrade other areas of your home. All our panel work is permitted and inspected by a third party to ensure that your system will be safe for years to come. Call us today!

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What Is The Purpose Of An Electrical Panel?

You know that metal box with a door tucked away in your home, that’s an electrical panel! The panel receives all the incoming power and distribute it to each of the circuits that supply lights, outlets, and appliances. Basically, it is one of the most important, if not the most important electrical part in your home. It also acts as a safety device that is meant to prevent damage to your electrical devices or the entire home.

When there are too many electrical currents running through, the panel will shut off, which is known as a breaker trip. If the breaker didn’t trip and shut off power, overloaded circuits can cause a fire.

When Is It Time For An Electrical Panel Replacement?

The electrical panel is 25+ years old

Electrical panels are durable and can last roughly 25-40 years. But, since they are such an important part of your home, it is good to get an inspection if you have hit the 25-year mark. Lifespan can differ based on power surges, wear and tear, and manufacturer defects.

Burning smell

Is the panel giving off a burning smell? Most times, the smell comes from plastic melting or wood burning. Both are very problematic so call an electrician immediately.

Lots of breaker tripping

Although the electrical panel is meant to break for safety, it can also be a signal to you that you need an upgrade. You might just be using a lot more power than you used to and it’s time to increase your capacity. 

New large appliances

Similar to the last point, you might just lack the capacity with your current electrical panel. If you’re installing a dishwasher, dryer, etc., you may need to upgrade your panel to run the new addition safely. 

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The panel is warm or hot

Electrical panels regulate how hot your electrical system becomes, and overheating should trigger a circuit breaker to trip. If your panel gets warm or hot when you touch it, you should get it checked by an electrician. 

Rust formation

Rust is bad as you could imagine. If you see rust, that must mean there is water. And as you know, water and electricity are not your go-to combination. 

Strange sounds

Electrical panels should be silent except for the occasional click when the breaker trips. If you are hearing buzzing or hissing, that’s a red flag. 

Direct damage

If your panel has received direct damage, make sure to get it checked on.

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Wire Craft Electric is an award-winning electrical services company that has been serving Seattle, WA and surrounding cities since 2004. We want our customers to feel at ease when they invite us into their home and with No Nonsense Pricing, you can approve the cost before we start any electrical project. All of our licensed electricians arrive with a fully stocked van, that way we can take care of your problem the day we come out. Whatever your electrical concern is, we solve your electrical needs while providing exceptional customer service with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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Prompt and courteous service. The electrician also performed an electrical safety check of my entire home before proceeding. I liked that this company charges by the job and not the hour. I was also pleased that the work area was left spotless.
Angela M.
Lynwood, WA
The electrician was efficient and friendly. He did a full house walkthrough on top of quickly solving the issue with the outlet. He also found that my fire alarm system was not up to code and made suggestions for other updates that will conserve energy should I choose to pursue them. He explained that WireCraft is offering a low cost monthly membership that prioritizes members’ appointments, waives the service fee and provides a discount and guarantee on parts used. It’s a good fit for someone who has trouble justifying the visit fee for a minor fix.
Seattle, WA
WireCraft was great to work with. I would fully recommend using them. Their pricing was very fair and the service was very thorough. The electrician was also able to make great recommendations without over-selling us. Don’t look any further…don’t waste your time. Just use these guys.
Ryan S.
Edmonds, WA
Electrician called me before hand to ask if he could come earlier! When was the last time that happened to you? Anyhow, he was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and we bounced ideas back and forth and decided and I ended up with everything I needed completed and as well as some other smaller projects that needed to be addressed.
Michael T.
Lynnwood, WA