A Rare Kind of Electrician

Electrician called me before hand to ask if he could come earlier! When was the last time that happened to you? Anyhow, he was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and we bounced ideas back and forth and decided and I ended up with everything I needed completed and as well as some other smaller projects that needed to be addressed.
Michael T. in Lynnwood

Provides Us with Options

The electrician was prompt and exactly on time. He gave a choice of switches and installed one. He also checked the electrical panel as part of the service call. He was professional, efficient and pleasant. I will call them in the future.
Marianne L. in Shoreline

Clean. Straightforward. Safe.

Prompt and courteous service. The electrician also performed an electrical safety check of my entire home before proceeding. I liked that this company charges by the job and not the hour. I was also pleased that the work area was left spotless.
Angela M. in Lynnwood

WireCraft Makes me Feel Safer

WireCraft Makes Me Feel Safer
Electricity went out in one-half of a 52-year-old home I recently purchased. What was hoped to be a rather straight forward project turned out to be quite complicated with a number of “re-models” to contend with, as well as an “ancient” panel box. The project required three visits to my home — one, unbelievably, on an early Sunday morning (for which I will always be grateful). The technician was knowledgeable, pleasant, determined, and ultimately successful. I feel considerably safer and up-to-date and plan to call this company should I ever experience electrical problems again. BTW, I had signed up for their Savings and Safety Plan on the first visit which provides discounts on future visits as well as waiving the service fee. The customer service was a definite 5++ and “all’s well that ends well.”
Dianne O. in Edmonds

Efficient and Friendly

The electrician was efficient and friendly. He did a full house walkthrough on top of quickly solving the issue with the outlet. He also found that my fire alarm system was not up to code and made suggestions for other updates that will conserve energy should I choose to pursue them. He explained that WireCraft is offering a low cost monthly membership that prioritizes members’ appointments, waives the service fee and provides a discount and guarantee on parts used. It’s a good fit for someone who has trouble justifying the visit fee for a minor fix.
Homeowner in Seattle

Fair Pricing and No Sales Pitch

WireCraft was great to work with. I would fully recommend using them. Their pricing was very fair and the service was very thorough. The electrician was also able to make great recommendations without over-selling us. Don’t look any further…don’t waste your time. Just use these guys.
Ryan S. in Edmonds

Respectful and Competent

The electrician was very respectful and on time!! He was efficient and competent. He did the work completely and left the area clean. I will call him in the future.
Shaun J. in Seattle

Polite. Clean. Efficient.

The electrician was polite, clean, and efficient. He showed me what needed to be done, did it carefully and completely, and left everything spotless. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone needing electrical work in Seattle.
Sally S. in Seattle

Seattle Electrical Contractor