Smart homes have turned up in huge ways all over the world, bringing convenience to millions of homeowners everywhere. While you may salivate at the thought of automating your house, converting to a smart home entails a significant amount of spending. Today, we’ll dish out some DIY tips on gradually turning your humble abode into a smart home.

A Handy Guide To A Do-It-Yourself Smart Homes

Check out these tips on how to switch to a smart home by yourself:

Pick your preferred assistant and device controller

Three of the most trusted and most popular voice-controlled virtual assistants are Google Assistant, Siri by Apple, and Alexa by Amazon. When configuring your smart home installation, make sure that everything is compatible with your main virtual assistant interface.

From there, you may choose the primary device that will control the integration and maneuvers in your smart home. For instance, some of the modern Android smartphones can operate Google Assistant, while iPhones and iPads work with Siri.

Start with lights

Lighting is the safest and easiest smart home upgrades you can do by yourself. All you need to do is buy a smart light bulb or lamp with Wi-Fi connectivity, and install it to a fixture. Look for a compatible app that can control the smart bulb using your chosen device, and customize the configuration based on your preferences.

Use a smart doorbell

Another non-intrusive smart home upgrade is installing a smart doorbell. This revolutionary product usually comes with a camera (so that you can see who’s at the door), motion-activated sensor, and two-way communication. That way, you don’t have to approach the door to know who’s ringing the bell.

Install a smart thermostat

Here’s where smart home upgrades become more interesting: Replace your temperature controlling system with a smart thermostat. Although it’s not as easy as replacing a bulb, most smart thermostat products come with easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Use a robot vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaners have upgraded the way homeowners clean their houses, and all without breaking a sweat. What’s great about these modern vacuum cleaners is that you set them on the floor and let them do the dirty work.

Look for a robot vacuum that you can configure using a smartphone. That way, you can customize its program, check its status, and control it remotely.

Final Word

Smart homes are not easy to accomplish. Unless you can ensure that every inch of your installation is connected properly, there is risk of electrical fires.

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