ambient lighting

It may look like a simple and minor part of home design, but using the right lighting can drastically change the mood and theme of any house. But did you know that you can choose between three kinds of lighting? In this article, we will look into ambient, accent, and task lighting, and how each lighting type can fit your specific home needs.

Aside from looking at technical stuff, choosing the right illumination for a room involves knowing the three types of lighting. Get to know the difference between ambient, accent, and task lighting, and how you can maximize these concepts.

Ambient Lighting

The most basic kind of illumination is called ambient lighting, which aims to increase the brightness of the entire room. The overall illumination that it produces can cover the widest area of the three types in this article. In other words, ambient lighting serves as the base illumination from which you can accentuate using the other kinds of lighting.

Some examples that make use of ambient lighting include ceiling fixtures, wall-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, and fluorescent lamps.

Accent Lighting

Also called directional lighting, this type is designed to put focus on pieces of furniture or specific areas of the room. Because it is meant to highlight sections of the room, it should be at least three times brighter than ambient lighting.

Some of the best places where you can put accent lighting are behind paintings, near sculptures, besides houseplants, and under cabinet doors.

Task Lighting

This kind of lighting essentially puts a spotlight on specific areas meant for you to accomplish tasks. Some great examples of task lighting include a table lamp on a study desk, mirror lights installed in the vanity table, and ceiling lamps directly above the dining table.

Final Word

Make sure that you know the features of each type before jumping into a decision. More importantly, your electrical system should be ready to accommodate the kind of lighting that you want. We at Wire Craft Electric can help you assess your existing electrical system. That way you can determine the readiness of your home in terms of installing a new type of lighting.

Make use of the lighting types listed above through mixing and matching them inside your home. Look for ways to layer the different types to make your room illumination visually stunning.