Benefits and Drawback of Recessed Lighting


Most modern homes make use of recessed lighting. While it has its advantages, it’s also important to know the disadvantages of this kind of lighting. By knowing both sides, you can make an informed decision whether to opt for recessed lighting or not.

Wait, What is Recessed Lighting?

As its name implies, recessed lighting involves the use of lighting fixtures installed into an opening at the ceiling or wall. This kind of illumination creates an illusion that light is beaming through a hole in the ceiling and into the room, which creates a dramatic effect.

Most recessed lighting configurations hide the light bulbs from plain sight, although you may see the bulbs when you’re directly under the hole.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Modern interior design and recessed lighting usually go hand in hand. If you’re not yet sure about using recessed lighting for your home or office, here are some advantages that may convince you to go into this kind of lighting:

Clear ceiling line

Because the bulbs are installed in a hole or receptacle, you won’t see any lighting fixtures protruding from the ceiling. This is helpful if you need the ceiling to be perfectly clear of any visual obstruction, such as in movie theaters or low-ceiling homes.

Better light distribution

A conventional ceiling light casts much of the illumination directly beneath it, while recessed light scatters the illumination more evenly. The result is a better overall lighting throughout the room.

Minimalist style

The simple and classic look of recessed lighting guarantees that your lighting fixtures will never become obsolete or out of style.

Disadvantages of Recessed Lighting

While design is one of the best features of this lighting, here are some drawbacks to using this kind of lighting:

Need for more bulbs

While recessed lights solve the issue on unbalanced illumination, its scattered light may require you to install more recessed lights to achieve a good amount of brightness.

May need reconfiguration of electrical wiring

With the requirement for additional lights comes the need to reassess your electrical wirings. If you don’t have enough wires and receptacles to put recessed lights, you may have to spend for upgrades.

Final Word

Using this kind of lighting may require a quick reassessment of your electrical system for the sake of safety. We at Wire Craft Electric offer a wide range of services such as installing new lights and circuits, upgrading meters and panels, and troubleshooting electrical issues. Call us for an appointment!