Energy Efficient

There are many small steps homeowners can take to make their homes more energy efficient. Whether you’re looking to save on your monthly bill, make your house more green to do your part to protect the planet, implementing these quick and easy changes can add up to big savings and an even bigger environmental impact.

What is behind your walls?

Improving your insulation can make a significant difference on your home’s temperature… And in turn, your energy bills. Replacing the insulation in your ceilings, attic, walls, and basement can block the outside air from entering. 

Are you using the right power strip?

Newer power strips have the capability to help reduce wasted electricity from idle electronics. Advanced power strips have been designed to hold home entertainment and office equipment. 

Take a look out the window…

Windows can be some of the biggest culprits in letting in outside air, and allowing inside air to escape. Drafty windows can be drains that keep your home from operating at its maximum energy efficiency.

Switching to an upgraded grid is more energy efficient

Under the Recovery Act, homeowners across the country installed more than 15 million smart meters, which give consumers more direct access to the information about their home’s energy usage. The new electric grid has compatibility with software that allows homeowners to monitor their electricity consumption in smaller blocks of time, from between 15 minutes to one hour, and to pinpoint the exact source of electricity usage.

Bigger really is is better.

Installing a copper wire one size larger than the requirements has helped homeowners to see immediate savings. In addition to that, it also reduce the power losses, and more than make up for the investment of replacing the wire.

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