4 DIY Electrical Projects You Can Start Today

Home electrical wiring is serious business. Even if you’re avid about having DIY projects to do around your home, your home’s electrical systems can rightfully feel a bit daunting – we’ve even warned about knowing your DIY limits on this very blog. But for those who are eager to get a summertime project going around the house, there are still some easy tasks you can set for yourself that can really make a difference for you and your family.

Consider taking up some of these odd jobs around the home to help keep your home running efficiently.

Replacing Switches

Faulty switches can be a real nuisance, but they’re also surprisingly easy to fix. As with the rest of the projects listed in this post, you’ll want to make sure the power is turned off from the circuit breaker before you get started. After that it’s a matter of grabbing new switches and plates as well as a voltage detector from your local hardware store. Dummies lists a handy step-by-step guide that on how to do this safely and efficiently.

Fixing or Upgrading Light Fixtures

Flickering lights driving you crazy? Or maybe you’re just wanting a new look for your home? Replacing some light fixtures can be a great day project to give your home a minor but helpful improvement. While some fixtures like track lighting might be a bit out of scope for those who aren’t professionals, some standard fixtures don’t take much effort at all and are a remarkably similar process to replacing light switches.

Replacing Outlets

There are few things more infuriating than an outlet that doesn’t work when you need it. Rather than wait until you can have someone come out and fix it for you, this is another task that is within the range of your own toolkit. With the power off, you can remove the face and outlet from the wall, test the power, and reattach to your new outlet in no time.

Mapping Your Circuit Breaker

We don’t suggest getting to into the weeds with your home’s main power. However, you can do some housekeeping with your circuit breaker. This organizational practice can save you and your electrician a lot of headaches down the road. Go through each of the breaker controls on your panel and note which one corresponds with which rooms and outlets. You may have to switch them on and off to determine what goes to what. After that, you can label each switch and not have to think about it ever again.

These projects are great way to get you started. By all means don’t feel like you have to do them alone. Our expert electricians at Wire Craft are available to help with tasks big and small. Don’t try and take off more than you can chew – let us help. Reach out to Wire Craft today.