Is your home storm ready?Winter is around the corner and just like every year, it is going to bring some storms with it. It is unfortunate how so many people do not prepare their homes for a stormy season before and during winter. Having a house built from the best materials is not enough since there are hundreds of other components that can result in dangerous accidents if they haven’t been protected against stormy weathers. Here is how you can protect your house from electrical accidents during fall and winter.

Have External Lights Fixed

Do you have bulbs on the face of your house? Did any of the bulbs on your house break just a few days ago? Kids playing in the street can often hit light bulbs and break them. Maybe a similar accident has caused electrical wires to come out of the bulb holder. This can be an extremely dangerous situation during rains and can result in conducting electric currents through the walls. Call professional electricians and have this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Have Supply Circuits Checked

One of the common issues with electrical systems in homes is that many of the supply circuits are not grounded. When there is a power surge, it is the ground wiring that saves this power surge from wreaking havoc on your electrical appliances. Keep in mind that supply circuits are not grounded properly will cause damage to your appliances even if you have surge protectors installed. Once again, have professional electricians from Wire Craft Electric help you in checking and fixing all your supply circuits.

Install Power Surge Protectors

Have surge protectors installed in order to protect your appliances from the damage when there is a storm causing power fluctuations. Even when your supply circuits are properly grounded, you need to have surge protectors from those unexpected voltage spikes that can cause you thousands of dollars if you don’t have any protection in place. Let electricians help you pick the right surge protection devices.

Final Thoughts About a Storm Ready Home – Have an Electrician’s Number with You

Stormy nights with power outages can be horrific. Such situations can be harrowing for your kids. The best way to avoid such situations is to have the contact number of professional electricians with you on your phone. Prevention is better than cure, so it is better to always be safe than sorry. However, when an emergency does surface, only a professional should be taking care of your electrical system to avoid life threatening accidents.

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