Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Shock

It’s inevitable for dogs, cats, and other pets to become curious about wires and electrical outlets. When left unattended, this may lead to electrical shock, causing injury and accidents at home. We’ll look at important safety tips to protect your beloved pets from one of the most common causes of electricity-related accidents.

Why should we think thoroughly about electrical safety for pets? For one, most pets are naturally curious, leading them to sniff and lick unusual items such as plugged appliances. Another reason is that most electrical sockets are within the reach – and are about the same vertical distance from the floor – as your pets.

Electrical Safety Tips For Better Pet Protection

If you care for your pet’s welfare, you need to put electrical safety as a top priority. Here are some tips to make sure that your pets are safe from electrical shock:

Cover electrical sockets

Pets may become curious with sockets and lead them to poke their noses and paws in them. Protect your beloved pets from electrocution by installing socket covers.

Organize power cords

When your power cords are disorganized and splayed on the floor, your dog or cat may chew on them. You can solve this potential hazard by binding your wires in clips and tubes, as well as keeping your wires way above your pet’s height.

Fix exposed wires and electrical issues

Exposed wires are accidents waiting to happen, regardless if it involves your pets or the people in your home. Address any exposed wiring or unusual electrical problems as soon as you discover them.

Turn off appliances when not in use

Aside from saving on power costs, shutting off unused appliances can also improve the safety in your home. Appliances plugged into sockets may be too inviting for your pets and lead them to touch these things.

Take your pets away from areas with electrical equipment

A sure way of protecting your pets from electrical shock is to put them in an area where there is absolutely no electrical connection. You may place them in a kennel or a section of your home without nearby electrical wires and sockets.

Most electricians are focused on technical matters, but we at Wire Craft Electric go the extra mile by conducting home safety inspections, troubleshooting common home issues, and other related services. Part of our service include advocating electrical safety and helping you live in an electrically safe home.