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Here Come the Electric Cars: How Will They Impact My Electricity Bill?

electric car

Without a doubt, one of the biggest revolutions in transportation over the past decade has been the mainstream adoption of the electric car. Once considered a bit of an eccentric idea, the electric car has since made its mark in our society with over half a million plug-in vehicles on American roads in 2016. In Seattle alone, the number of electric vehicles on the road is expected to be around 12,000 by the beginning of the 2020s. Regardless of the numbers, the future is clear: electric cars are here to stay, and will only become more popular as time goes by.

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Preparing Yourself for Winter Power Outages and Emergencies

Let’s talk about winter power outages. When the electricity threatens to go, what do you do to keep yourself prepared? With snow, wind, and rain causing branches to break and cause blackouts, you could be out of power for hours or days. That’s why it’s important to have the right resources to stay warm and comfortable while you wait out the storm – or the right electrician if it’s something minor that calls for a professional. You’ll be glad you prepared in advance, instead of sitting in the dark twiddling your thumbs.

Winter Power Outages & EmergenciesBelow is a list of items that you should have ready to keep yourself safe and warm while you patiently wait for the lights to come back on.

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How to Spot Electrical Problems With Your Furnace

Electrical Problems with Furnace - Wire Craft ElectricIf you find your furnace isn’t producing enough heat, or is just not even turning on at all, what do you do? You could call an electrician or a heating and air company, but fear not! There might be a quick fix available. Before doing anything, it’s best to check if the system even turns on. By turning your thermostat three-to-five degrees above your room temperature in the heat setting, you should hear it turn on within 10-30 seconds. If nothing happens, or you don’t feel much heat coming from the vent, it’s time to go down the list of potential causes.

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How To Improve Your Electricity Bill in the Winter

Improve Winter Electricity Bill - WireCraft

Traditionally, winter is thought of as a magical time of year with snowball fights, hot cocoa, and fashionable coats. But if you own a home, it can feel less magical and more maddening. All the whimsy of the season goes away the second you take a look at your dreaded electricity bill.

So, how do you keep winter from hurting your wallet? To help you out, Wire Craft came up with a bunch of tips to help to protect you from the winterizing brutality of coldness and the electrical bill that comes with it.

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Best Uses For Track Lighting In Your Home

track lightingIn a fancy restaurant, you’ve probably been amazed by the mood-setting atmosphere. The subtleness of the task lighting above your table, paired with the specific accent lighting on walls, highlighting tasteful decor, gives you that romantic feeling without you having to worry about… well, eating in the dark. You can thank track lighting for all these feels. Track lighting uses multiple lights on a rail system, pointing in different directions to create a dynamic effect on an object, wall, or surface. So how does a home use track lighting, and where might you be missing opportunities to provide unmatched ambiance? As it turns out, track lighting was first made popular in home decor… so, it’s worth considering as you decide on lighting for your main living spaces.

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Preventing Home Invasion in the Greater Seattle Area

home invasion

Hardly anyone thinks about safety and security in their home these days. We have become so lax about preparing for intruders that we deconstructed our walls, filled in our moats, and replaced the white knight that hangs out in front of our doorstep with a cute lawn gnome. Even modern television shows like Fuller House play on the lack of security with all members of the home saying “it’s always open” for anyone that rings the doorbell. This could be a dream house for modern bandits. Lets snap out of fantasy for a bit and talk about a few ways to prevent your home from being invaded.

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Make Your Backyard Pop With Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

Your backyard is your oasis. It’s a place to go to relax and have fun. Your kids love being outside, enjoying the little slice of nature that belongs to you – whether it’s to make snowmen in the winter, or to play a competitive game of volleyball in the summer. You enjoy having a place to go outside, to get away from it all and find a little peace and quiet. There’s a way to make your backyard pop even more, and that’s with outdoor lighting. Here are some tips on how you can use proper accent lighting outside.

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Best Lighting Stores in Seattle

lighting stores

Tis the season to be jolly – what better way to brighten up your holidays than with new lighting? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve found some of the best lighting stores in Seattle to help you to set the mood for the season as you get prepared to welcome friends and family into your home for food, fun, and general merriment.

1. Rejuvenation

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a house that has that unique ambiance or personal touch that screams comfort and joy, you can probably thank lighting. Looking around, you’ll surely notice different types of fixtures, mounts, or accents – each one specifically planned for that particular space. If you’re looking for unique options to stand out, check out Rejuvenation. Among other things, Rejuvenation has a great selection of lighting & fans. They’ll have you covered from pendants to wall sconces, and there’s even a vintage selection called “restored lights”… it might set you back a pretty penny, but it will give you that nostalgic look that’s near impossible to reproduce.

2. Seattle Lighting

With over 20+ brands of lights, Seattle Lighting gives you a huge range of selection on what could be your next lighting upgrade in your home. Not only that, but they also have a huge section in informational, inspirational, and installation guides that will get those creative juices flowing. And with seven Seattle Lighting stores throughout the greater Seattle area, it’s probably one of the easiest trips to make for expert advice and a great selection.

3. Holiday Saving at Seattle Lighting

Seattle Lighting is having a 30% off sale between 11/23 – 12/31 for any shoppers looking to update or add new lighting to their home. Start saving now on all purchases and make sure to hire a certified electrician for any work that might be too difficult for you.

4.  Harold’s Lighting

If you ever catch yourself in the Seattle or Bellevue area and looking for a mom & pop lighting shop, then Harold’s Lighting might be right up your alley. With a wide assortment of lights, they have a unique selection of brands that the other two companies don’t carry. They also restore antique and vintage lights. So, if you have something that is priceless, this is the place to go to restore it before taking it to the Antique Road Show for that million dollar appraisal.

Conclusion About Lighting Stores in Seattle

With all the different types of lighting and accessories to install, they wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing with dangling wires. While some people love DIY home improvements, others will use a certified electrician for their renovation needs. Wire Craft is happy to help with any project undertaking you have. Contact us today at 206.542.0208 to make your holiday experience a bright and memorable one.

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A Troubleshooting Guide for Power Outages

Troubleshooting Guide for Power Outages

Imagine you’re huddling around your phone or tablet in the greater Seattle area, looking for solutions on how to get the power in your home back up and running. I recently found myself in the same situation – waking up in total darkness and seeing that my entire block has lost power, enduring the same post-apocalyptic feeling. What could have possibly happened? How do you fix it? Let’s examine your potential solutions to your power outage, as well as looking at preventatives and planning that will make sure you are more prepared than a boy scout for the next outage. We hope this troubleshooting guide will see you through the next time you find yourself in the dark.

Troubleshooting Guide: Identifying the Cause

Before you can get to solving your outage issues, you first need to understand what caused the problems in the first place. More often than not, you’ll find it’s own of these four common issues.

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Kitchen Island Lighting Improvements

Kitchen Island Lighting Improvements

Who doesn’t love kitchen islands? If you spend a ton of time in the kitchen, they’re great for extra real estate space for stand alone appliances, reading recipes, preparing and serving food, and even sometimes extra table space for bigger gatherings. But without lighting, you would be left out in the dark trying to do any of these tasks. So let’s help shine some light on this.

Increased Home Value

What if I told you minor improvements to your home can increase value in your home? Well, it possibly could. Installing kitchen island lighting and other minor improvements within the kitchen may increase the value of your home. In the greater Seattle area, minor kitchen remodels had an increase in resale value by over 105%. This means you’ll recoup your expenses and add equity to your home. All this and you’ll have an awesome new kitchen. That’s a win/win, right? But where do you even start?

Types of Kitchen Island Lighting

With a wide range of lighting, you could find yourself banging your head against the wall with the sheer amount of lights fixtures. Categorizing them into different types of lighting and how they perform will help narrow down your choice. There is such a wide range of pendant lighting for kitchen islands, over 10,000 fixtures, a lot of them actually fall into two or all of types of lighting.

Task Lighting

If you are using your kitchen island to prepare food, read recipes, or cook, then it’s ideal to have a light fixture that will give enough illumination downward so you are able to perform the tasks at hand with ease and no obstructions.

Common types of pendant task lights

  • Cluster
  • Island
  • Mini
  • Schoolhouse
  • Standard

Ambient Lighting

Looking to brighten up your ambient light level throughout the kitchen? You’ll want a kitchen island light pendant to expose the bulb more outward or upwards/downwards using glass. Fully exposed bulbs could potentially be blinding to the eye, so be cautious with choosing.

Common types of pendant ambient lights

  • Candle-Style
  • Center Bowl
  • Cluster
  • Drum
  • Globe
  • Schoolhouse
  • Starburst

Decorative Lighting

If you want to add a bit of flavor to your kitchen, decorative lighting is functional and unique. Many interior designers are starting to get creative with these. Make sure to not go overboard or your home’s value could take a small hit from being “too creative” – it’s about finding a balance that’s not off-putting to potential buyers.

Common types of pendant decorative lights

  • Cage
  • Cluster
  • Crystal
  • Starburst

Optimal Height Length

When hanging pendant lights above a kitchen island, the optimal height should be 28-34 inches above the countertop, or 72” above the floor. This provides enough room to work or bend over to grab something on the kitchen island. If you ever hit your head on something above you, you know the feeling of having to stay in a prone position.

How Many Lights?

Standard practice is to have two to three pendants for your kitchen island lights that will give enough consistent light. This is to accommodate for obstructions like your hands or other items shadowing out the task at hand on your kitchen island. Instead of creating a shadow, the secondary or even third pendant will flood enough light over to let you work. You can also add more than three pendants with no ill effect. This could be for decorative purposes, more illumination overlapping, or just having a larger kitchen island.

Hire a Certified Electrician

We talked above about making sure your lighting job is done right. Unless you are a pro DIY’er or you already have a wire running to the kitchen island, it’s always highly recommended to hire a certified electrician in your area to undergo bigger jobs. If you’re looking for an electrician in the greater Seattle area, call us today to find out how cost effective it is to bring some light into your home.

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