October has arrived and brought the news of coming winter with it. When you care about the safety of your house, you take measures in advance. Just like you clean your home before the spring season, you need to prepare it for winter as well. One of the biggest concerns with winters is the costs of your electricity bills going through the roof. So, how can you keep your house safe and issue-free this winter? Here are some important tips:

Save on Lighting Expenses

Shorter days with longer nights require you to keep your lights on for longer. The more time you keep your lights on, the higher your electricity bill goes. This reason is why experts recommend that you use only LED lights. Even when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, you should choose LED lights.

Have a Backup Generator

When the power goes out in summers, the worst that can happen is spending a night sleeping in sweat. On the other hand, power outages in winters can cause dangerous problems since you need heat and warmth. The best way to prepare for such unpredicted power outages is to have a backup generator. A Wire Craft Electric professional can help you with the wiring and connections for your backup generator.

Fix the Chewed Wires and Cables

Winter is sleeping time for various animals and pests. These same pests can go inside your attic, basement, even within the walls, to have three to four months of sleep time. In an attempt to make these places their comfortable homes, they can often chew your wires and cables and strip them. Call an electrician ASAP before winter arrives and save your family from dangerously exposed wires.
Use Your Ceiling Fans for Heat Distribution
Modern fans have the winter and summer settings on them. Pressing the winter switch on them makes them rotate in a reverse order and allows them to spread the heat trapped close to the ceiling into the room. If your winter mode is not working, you better call an electrician fast.

Have an Electrician’s Number Nearby

No matter how carefully you prepare for winter, things can go wrong unexpectedly, and at the worst times, you can imagine. Dealing with electricity-related matters on your own is never a recommended course of action. It is mandatory to have an electrician’s number with you so you can call one for professional help during cold winter. Call Wire Craft Electric for your electrical issues and any emergencies.