spring cleaning

Winter is coming to a close, and this sends most people scrambling to start spring cleaning. In fact, spring cleaning has become a tradition for homeowners after a season of snow, ski breaks, and shoveling. It’s also the perfect time to check our home appliances in preparation for the season that’s about to come.

Spring Cleaning Appliance Checklist

Cleaning your house in time for spring is part of a homeowner’s responsibility to keep the quality of living inside the home, but unfortunately some people disregard the importance of maintaining appliances. After all, home appliances are prone to dust accumulation, wear and tear, and potential electrical damage.

Here’s our recommended spring cleaning appliance checklist to help you organize and maintain home items:

Vacuum cleaner

As one of the most abused cleaning equipment in the house, vacuum cleaners are susceptible to faster wear and tear when you fail to maintain it properly. Make sure that you replace vacuum bags and filters. It might also be a good time to check the vacuum belt, if it’s still in tiptop shape.


There are a lot of things that you need to spring-clean in your fridge. For starters, take out any spoiled food and clean the interior.

As for the exterior, clean the refrigerator coils using a coil brush and vacuum, and remove any dirt and debris at the back of the refrigerator. This ensures that your fridge isn’t using up too much energy just to keep things cool inside.


Winter is the perfect time for roasting and baking, and it’s natural to see your oven looking all dirty and grimy as you approach spring. Apart from hygiene, proper maintenance allows your oven to work optimally and use energy more efficiently. Check the care and maintenance manual of your own for specific instruction on how to clean residue buildup.

Clothes dryer

Some people disregard this, but the clothes dryer is connected to an interior venting system that needs to be cleaned annually at the very least. Skipping this importance maintenance task pushes your dryer to work harder, thereby consuming more power and hastening its life span. Make sure to also remove any lint or debris in the drum and behind the dryer.

Final Word

Nobody wants to go through the hassle of welcoming a new season with damaged or worn out home appliances. By accomplishing our spring cleaning appliance checklist above, you should be on your way to experiencing a more relaxed spring season unlike any other.