How to put out an electrical fire

Steps To Put Out An Electrical Fire

What will you do if you see an electrical outlet burst into fire? It’s easy to panic when you witness this phenomenon, especially if you don’t know what to do. Before you make things worse, learn these steps on how to properly address an electrical fire incident.

What To Do In Case of an Electrical Fire

1. Do not panic.

The most common reason why an electrical fire becomes worse has something to do with heightened emotions. Most people go on panic mode when they see fire, most especially when it’s coming from an electrical appliance or power outlet.

This first step cannot be stressed enough: calm down.

2. Cut off power in the affected area.

As soon as you identify where the electrical fire is happening, look for a way to shut off the electrical power in that section. If it’s a small appliance on fire, unplug it from the outlet. If it’s a wire or receptacle, shut off the power at the panel.

3. Use baking soda as a first aid.

When you’ve isolated the fire and made sure that there’s no more power supply to the affected area, you may douse the fire with baking soda. This is effective when the fire is small and controllable, such as a burning toaster oven or power strip.

4. Never use water to put out the fire.

Even if you know that you’ve disconnected the burning electrical appliance from the source, do not attempt to put the fire out with water. Chances are, you may not have totally removed the electricity yet, and this may cause an electrical shock. Remember that tap water conducts electricity pretty well, and this would make things worse if you get electrocuted during the process.

5. Call emergency services or an electrician.

Regardless of what happens after the four steps above, don’t forget to call professionals who can address the issue permanently and suppress the fire totally. You may call us at Wire Craft Electric so that we can assess the situation right away.

If the fire hasn’t stopped yet, it’s always a good idea to call 911. In short, don’t be too confident and say that you’ve stopped the fire yourself.

Final Note

Always be on your toes when it comes to home safety, especially when we’re talking about electricity. By preparing for an emergency event such as an electrical fire, you can prevent further damage and be able to address the issue without batting an eyelash.

Again feel free to contact us just in case you need help and support.