kitchen safety

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. It also has a great number of electrical appliances in it including but not limited to light fixtures, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines, etc. It also happens to be the only room where you can find water on the floor, and even on the countertops, which makes electrical works in the kitchen immensely dangerous, and thus any DIY projects should be avoided unless you are a professional. Keep the following tips in mind to help you keep your kitchen safe from any electrical hazards, major or minor.

Build Good Kitchen Habits for Kitchen Safety

While working in the kitchen is a lot of responsibility, the bigger responsibility is when you have completed your work and are about to leave the area. You have to make it a habit of turning off every electrical appliance in your kitchen before leaving. Turn off your stoves before plugging in blenders and food processors if your wall outlets are near the cooking area. Perform checks on your electrical boards periodically and be sure to remove that grease which forms time to time near the stove. Do your best to avoid splashing water on your power outlets and switchboards.

Be Mindful of Your Refrigerator and Microwave

Always keep refrigerators at a distance from the walls to allow circulation of air. One of the most common mistakes made by most families is putting stuff on refrigerators and microwaves. They are not places to keep your stuff, especially stuff that contains liquids. And no, don’t even put your cup full of coffee there thinking that you will be back in a minute.

Be Careful to Not Overload Outlets

Use one outlet for one appliance at a time. Are you often require plugging in multiple appliances in the same outlet but don’t want to risk overloading it? Give us a call.

Our Wire Craft Electric professionals will be there at your doorstep to make things easier and safer for you. As intuitive as it sounds, most people don’t care about touching buttons and plugs with wet hands. Replace your buttons or call Wire Craft Electrical professionals if your buttons become loose, i.e., switching on a light causes it to flicker and you hear funny sparking sounds coming from the button.

Once again, take it as a reminder or warning. It is best that you let professionals handle all your electrical works for all the safety reasons, especially any electrical projects inside your kitchen. Kitchen safety matters.