maintaining your generator

The generator is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated but highly useful devices in homes and facilities. With the convenience and advantage that it brings, the generator deserves to be maintained. Besides, failing to do maintenance on your generator may hasten its wear and tear, leading you to spend more on buying a new unit.

Maintaining Your Generator Tips

If you want your generator to last a long time, here are some effective tips to keep it maintained:

Consider getting a warranty

Some sellers may give you a discount if you don’t get a warranty for the generator. However, having a warranty will safeguard you against any potential damage that the unit may experience, regardless if you bought it as brand new or not.

Put the generator in an enclosure

Don’t think for a second that your generator is invincible. Just like any other appliance, exposing your generator to the elements – especially water or moisture – may speed up its deterioration. To avoid this, put it inside a protective cover. Fortunately, some hardware stores sell covers, tents, and enclosures. The design is to protect your generator. If you have enough resources, it’s best to put the generator in its own garage or house.

Run the generator once every quarter

Generators do the work when the main power supply doesn’t. However, even if the power supply remains uninterrupted, make sure that you turn on the generator once every 3 months. The main reason behind this is for the battery of the electric starter to charge up.

Keep the fluid level within range.

In other words, fill up your generator tank with enough supply. One of the fastest ways to damage your generator is by running it while it’s already out of fluid. In similar fashion, check that you have enough supply of generator oil and filters. Missing out on these things will render your generator useless in times of power interruption.

Clean and store it properly after each use.

After it works its magic onto moments of power outage, make sure that you clean the generator. Wipe off any grease, fuel spills, and adhering dirt on its body. A compressed air blower can make this job much faster.

Final Word

In pretty much the same reason as with other devices and appliances, taking care of your generator can increase its life span. That way, you can save on costs and enjoy your supplementary power for a little while longer.

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