track lightingHouses come in different styles and designs, and it’s important to use the proper fixtures for maximum effect. In the case of fixtures, one of the trendiest and most practical fixtures is track lighting.

What is Track Lighting?

This kind of lighting uses a continuous track where electrical conductors are embedded to transmit electricity to attached light fixtures. Unlike conventional light bulbs and fixtures that require individual wires to let electricity flow, track lighting uses conductivity to distribute the energy towards the fixtures connected to the track.

Most track lights are arranged horizontally and mounted on ceilings in series. They usually come as either of three tracks: H track has three contact points, J track have contact tips that are 1 inch apart, and L track has tips that are separated by 7/8 inch.

Benefits of Using Track Lighting

Track lighting may sound complicated if you’re hearing about it for the first time, but you will be impressed with the benefits that it carries.

First, the nature of its installation makes it extremely flexible. You can point to towards any area of the home, without having to worry about wires and sockets. It’s also easy to change bulbs and fixtures, in case you need them to match the overall theme of the room.

Because the track isn’t restricted by wires to light up the fixtures, you can contort it any way you want. Best of all, its modern design can instantly give your home a makeover.

Tips on Installing Track Lighting in Your Home

If you’re thinking about using track lighting, make sure that your electrical system is ready for the installation. This includes checking for a nearby electrical box where you can connect the track. This also includes assessing the space and lighting requirement in the room.

Although tracks are versatile in any kind of space, you will need an electrician who knows how to install track lighting. The electrician will trace the power source, customize the track to best fit the space, and make sure that no obstructions are present.

In terms of lighting fixtures, choose either line voltage halogen lamps or low-voltage halogen lamps (MR16).

Final Word

Whatever the style of your home is, track lighting has the ability to blend in with the overall interior design. By using this kind of lighting, you will definitely experience convenience and enjoy a more modern vibe.

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