electrical upgrades to increase home value

Many of us know the basics to increasing the value of our homes. Electrical upgrades to the kitchen, bathroom and even the basement yield high valued investments. De-cluttering and a fresh coat of paint offer simple, cost-effective improvements with good return as well. While these value-laden upgrades remain the mantra of increased home worth, the electrical components of your home prove well worth considering in regard to value. Some of these updates will come with kitchen and bathroom spruce ups. However, several others offer value on their own.

Check out these 6 electrical upgrades to increase your Seattle home’s value.

1. Resolve Electrical Issues

An electrical inspection reveals issues hidden behind by walls, floors, and ceilings. While the cost of a licensed and insured Seattle electrician may cause you to look the other way, this investment offers returns in both home safety and increased value. Of course, this only holds true if problems are addressed once identified.

2. Replace Your Electrical Panel

To accommodate modern devices and appliances along with their increased power needs. A replacement to your electrical panel may be needed with wiring, fixture, and circuit repairs. Consider that 70 years ago an entire home in Seattle ran on an average of 60 amps within 12 circuits. Today’s homes require 60 amps to fire up the kitchen alone on approximately 15 circuits. While a costly upgrade, this fix offers not only added convenience but value and safety.

Signs that might indicate that your Electrical Panel needs replacing:

  • Flickering lights
  • Crackling sounds
  • Buzzing
  • Blown fuses
  • Irregular electrical behavior

Be sure to contact a licensed and insured electrician for this project. While cost savings may draw the DIY’er, this fix is one where experience and expertise are worth the price to ensure the safety of your home and yourself.

3. Upgrade to GFCI Outlets

GFCI or three prong grounded outlets accommodate modern devices and appliances. Replacing two prong receptacle outlets with GFCIs modernizes a home’s looks and functionality. Some outlets may be even replaced without rewiring, if the box is grounded. However, check with a reputable Seattle electrician if you are unsure.

Also, upgrading to new white or modern finish receptacles, switches and covers gives your home a fresh look and feel. For more modern appeal, adding outlets with timers to control lights in the main areas of the home or on the exterior. For home offices, bedrooms, and central organizing areas, install outlets with USB ports.

4. Update Your Old Light Fixtures

Walking through your home with an eye focused on lighting offers a practical assessment of potential fixtures updates. While the kitchen and bath offer prime areas to address lighting, all areas of the home benefit from this process. Consider these questions as you survey the current lighting situation:

  • Where is more high wattage lighting needed for brightening?
  • Which areas would benefit from soft lighting to create warmth?
  • Does the exterior beg for improved lighting to increase a sense of hospitality or safety?
  • Do I need dimmers to change the mood of a room throughout the day or evening?
  • Where would motion detectors assist for hands-free light access and energy savings?

5. Install Ceiling Fans

In the era where air conditioning is becoming more common in Seattle homes, ceiling fans may appear a mere option. However, these features offer more than outdated home cooling methods. In fact, fans prove to:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Boost year-round value on heating and cooling
  • Offer style or a focal point

Modern technology offers reversible motor fans which easily change blade direction for help with your home’s heating or cooling. And, fans are one of the top considerations for smart home products. Installing these items in more than one room increases their added value.

6. Consider Techie Electrical Upgrades

Modern convenience calls for techie upgrades which bring peace of mind to homeowners. Smart thermostats, lights, security, smart bulbs and other options enhance home appeal; according to realtors. While these homes in Seattle may not sell for more; the added value comes in when they sell faster.

In a poll of 4,000 U.S. adults by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, the following choices qualified a home as “smart”:

  • Locks and alarms (63%)
  • Thermostats and fans (63%)
  • Lighting (58%)
  • Safety devices like carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights (56%)

Smart entertainment, including TVs and speaker systems, lead in popularity followed by smart security and smart HVAC systems. And, while programmable thermostats, device controlled fans and lighting, and other smart options increase a home’s value for the owner; the long-term, monetary return on investment is still unclear.

Electrical upgrades increase home values in terms of safety, convenience, aesthetics and dollars. This investment proves worthwhile for any homeowner. A local Seattle home electrician offers experience and expertise to ensure licensed and certified work in your home. Contact Wire Craft today to find out how their services fit your needs in adding value to your home.