energy starYou’ve probably seen the Energy Star sticker on countless appliances throughout the past couple decades. The symbol has become ubiquitous with energy saving since it emerged 24 years ago. But how effective are Energy Star appliances in application? Is it just another marketing tactic or does it have a real impact on your energy bill? Will the appliances pay for themselves? The answers to these questions aren’t exactly simple, but can be enlightening.

Invest After You’ve Done Insulation and Other Home Repairs Through Energy Star

Before you consider buying energy efficient appliances, your home needs to be set up for success. It won’t make much sense to invest so much money into appliances if your home isn’t ready for them. For instance, if your house isn’t properly insulated and air-sealed, you’re going to end up losing a lot of money on your heating bill anyway. An energy efficient washer and dryer won’t make up for that. Focus on your home first and the appliances second.

Appliances Will Pay For Themselves…Eventually

There’s no denying that upgrading your old machines to Energy Star certified products will save you money. But when will you start seeing a return-on-investment? Well, it could take awhile. As Energy Star themselves point out, washing machines made before 1999 can waste up to $135 extra dollars per year. Given the hefty price tag that comes with a new machine, this can take awhile to add up. However, this is a long-term investment.

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Your energy bill isn’t the only cost benefit you’ll gain from Energy Star appliances. An energy-efficient washer and dryer can help preserve your clothes for longer as well. That means keeping money in your wallet instead of replacing your favorite shirt after it’s too faded, worn out or shrunk. If you’re always chasing the latest fashion trends, however, you’re on your own there.

When to Make The Leap

Over time, Energy Star appliances will eventually save you money. But it can take awhile. It’s a leap you’ll have to make eventually, but when? If you have older appliances in your home, it might be wise to keep them if they’re not having issues. But know that they won’t last forever. You don’t want to be caught off guard, so make a plan for the next couple years for when you’ll replace your appliances.

When that time comes and you need help with the installation, Wire Craft is here to help. Our professional electricians can help make sure your new appliances are setup to ensure you’re getting the energy saving benefits and will have little to no issues. Are you reaching that pivotal moment where you’re ready to get rid of those clunky old machines and upgrade to something new? Contact and give us a call today.