electrical hazards

Water and electricity form a literally electrifying combination, and it should be part of your responsibility as a homeowner or building manager to make sure that these two things don’t come into contact with each other. The bathroom is one of the most moisture-exposed areas of the house, and so it carries a lot of serious electrical hazards that you need to take note of.

Electrical Risks in Your Bathroom

If you disregard any of the potential hazards on this list, you might end up with damaged appliances and electrical fires coming from the bathroom.

Unsafe electrical outlets

Most bathrooms have at least one power outlet for small grooming appliances.

Handheld appliances

A hair dryer or electric razor is commonly found in the bathroom sink, and it may be a potential hazard if you accidentally immerse an exposed cord or let moisture seep into the power outlet.

Exposed lights

Hanging lights may look amazing, but remember that there are accidents waiting to happen inside the bathroom.

Exposed wires

Another definite no-no is the presence of bare wires in a moisture-filled area such as the bathroom.

Electrical Safety Tips In The Bathroom

Here are safety tips related to electricity use in the bathroom:

1. Address electrical issues immediately.

If you notice frequent flickering of lights or an abnormal electrical spark when you plug in a small appliance, have your electrical system checked by a professional home electrician. The same is true for exposed wires or busted bulbs.

2. Unplug or turn off unused electrical items.

Nothing is safer than unplugging appliances when they’re not in use. Moreover this prevents a potential electrical issue.

3. Replace old electrical outlets with GFCI variants.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets has the ability to cut off power when a potential electrical issue arises. This is a preventive approach to ensure that moisture seepage into electrical outlets won’t cause sudden sparks or short-circuiting.

4. Don’t handle electrical appliances with wet hands.

Tap water is a good conductor of electricity. Make sure to keep your hands dry whenever you use your electrical razor or handheld hair dryer.

Need Help In Terms Of Electrical Hazards and Safety?

It isgood to follow the tips that we presented above. In addition to that, it’s also a good idea to have your bathroom’s electrical system checked for possible malfunction. With skilled professional electricians in our arsenal, we at Wire Craft Electric offer a wide range of services including home safety inspection and troubleshooting of electrical issues. Contact a professional now.