cleaning appliancesCleaning the house is a pretty common chore, but it’s another thing when we’re talking about cleaning the appliances at home. If you’re not careful about cleaning electronic home appliances, you might end up with physical injury or damage of equipment.

While most appliances – whether it’s in the kitchen or your entertainment room – have safety features that prevent electrocution as much as possible, an incorrect method of cleaning them may do more harm than good.

Safety Tips on Cleaning Electronic Home Appliances

Check out some of the best tips on cleaning appliances safely and without damaging them:

1. Unplug before cleaning

Small appliances have circuits and wires that are close to each other and cleaning them (especially with wet implements) may lead to short-circuiting. The best preventive measure is to turn them off and unplug them before cleaning.

2. Clean electrical cords

Wires of electronic appliances tend to build up dust and grime over time, especially those used in the kitchen. You may clean the electrical cord with a moist rag or a feather duster, but make sure that it’s not plugged in. Don’t use harsh chemicals that may corrode or eat up the wire insulation.

In case you see a frayed or exposed wire, don’t use the appliance anymore. Have it fixed before use, or replace it altogether.

3. Identify washable parts before starting the cleaning process.

If you’re considering to wash the blender with soap and water, think again! You might be rendering some sensitive electronic parts wet, leading them to damage or a short circuit. Read the product manual to know which parts of the appliance may be washed and which areas need to be cleaned in special ways.

4. Clean air vents

Some home appliances such as compact refrigerators and microwave ovens have air vents that are designed to blow hot air out of the motor and prevent it from overheating. Over time, the vent may pick up dust and debris, which may block the holes and increase the chances of the appliance’s motor to overheat.

Here’s a quick fix: Clean the vents with a moist rag or cotton swab. After cleaning, make sure that the air vent is at least 2 inches away from walls or potential obstruction.

Do You Have An Electrical Concern Regarding Cleaning Appliances?

If you are not sure about handling your electronic appliances or if you feel like something is wrong with your electrical system, give us a call at Wire Craft Electric and our professional electricians will visit your home to do a quick assessment.