Charger Adapter Heating Up

If you own a laptop or smartphone, have you experienced having your charger adapter heat up while you’re charging the device? Most people dismiss this phenomenon as normal, but this may be a sign of something serious.

Reasons Why A Device Charger Adapter May Heat Up

Let’s run down some of the reasons why some adapters heat up as you plug them.

Normal phenomenon

Most causes involve a standard warming up of the adapter’s resistive components.

Incompatible charger adapter

A charger with a terminal that’s compatible to a device port (say, a micro USB cable and port) doesn’t necessarily mean that the charger may be used to charge the device. In some cases, this may cause an increase in temperature on either the adapter or the device itself.

Cheaply made devices

Some devices are dirt-cheap and may not have gone through strict electrical or electronic evaluation to clear them from potential risk. In the same sense, some third-party adapters may not be built with the proper safety precautions as those coming from big-brand or OEM companies.

Placing connected chargers on heat traps

Have you noticed that your charger or smartphone heats up during a charge? When you put it on the bed or a cushioned surface? That’s because this kind of surface restricts air flow on the device or charger. This essentially traps the heat and thereby increases the temperature.

A quick fix would be to place the device or charger away from a cushioned surface and onto a flat table. You may also put it on a rack or platform where air can flow freely to remove the heat off the device.

Device malfunction

When the smartphone, laptop, or any electronic device has an electrical malfunction, this may cause a short circuit. It surely heats up either the device itself or the connected adapter.

Electrical system abnormality

Although this is a rare occurrence, an issue with your power outlet or the electrical loop may cause a heat-up of your device charger adapter. This is difficult to diagnose, especially if you’re not well versed in terms of electrical stuff.

Are You Suspecting Something Amiss in Your Electrical System?

There’s nothing wrong with being too careful, especially when we’re talking about home electrical concerns. If you think that your charger adapter is heating up, you can reach out to us.

Let our electrical professionals at Wire Craft Electric troubleshoot the source of the problem before something untoward happens. Whether you are in Bothell, Seattle, or Bellevue, we have you covered. Call us today!