electrical safety

Bathing under the sun and frolicking with family and friends all sound like perfect summer fun. However, if you disregard the importance of electrical safety, you might be spending the rest of summer recovering from an injury or depressed over property damage. Let our quick guide help you enjoy summer more by keeping safe in terms of electrical use.

Tips on Electrical Safety For Summer

Don’t let accidents and injuries ruin your summer! Follow these electrical safety tips so that you can enjoy the warm season as much as you can:

1. Stay away from plugged-in devices when your hands are wet.

Summer is a great time to dip in the pool or take a bath as often as you can, but it’s also exposing you to a higher risk of electrocution especially when your body is still wet.

Before handling appliances and devices that are plugged in, make sure to dry your hands first. Water (whether tap or chlorinated) and electricity form an electrifyingly deadly combination.

2. Keep electrical devices away from water.

Another common blunder is when people put power strips, extension wires, or charged devices near the pool or bathtub. A few splashes of water onto electrical devices is all it takes to damage property or cause physical injury. If it’s possible, place electrical wires and devices at least 10 feet away from any source of water.

As an alternative, consider using charged or battery-operated devices instead of plugging them into live electricity.

3. Cover electrical outlets and receptacles near wet areas of the house.

Whether it’s the bathroom or your pool deck, make sure that your power outlets are covered when not in use. The same is true with exposed receptacles. This will prevent water from splashing onto them and causing untoward incidents.

4. Consider installing electrical safety devices.

For areas where moisture is common – such as the bathroom or kitchen – you may want to think about replacing your existing power outlets with GFCI variants. These devices shut off the power to the outlet when it senses short circuiting caused by moisture seepage.

5. Learn how to address electrocution cases.

In the event that there is electrocution, do not attempt to rescue or resuscitate them. They may be carrying extra charge that may also electrocute you as you touch their skin. Instead, immediately dial 911 so that the first responders can address the issue.

Final Word

Being in the know in terms of electrical safety will definitely make your summer memorable for the right reasons. If you live in Seattle and have electrical concerns, give us a call at 206.855.5061 and Wire Craft Electric personnel will get in touch with you.