Can you imagine a world without extension cords? These electrical accessories have evolved as indispensable tools in any home.

Although extension cords provide better distribution of electricity throughout your home, it’s important to keep them in tiptop condition. Make sure that you follow these safety tips to prevent accidents and property damage:

Check for signs of wear and tear

Exposed wirings or evidence of burned sections are telltale signs that something is bound to go wrong when you use the extension cord. Either address the issue immediately or replace it with a new extension wire.

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Choose a safety-certified product

Although some extension wires may be more expensive than others, choosing a premium product may prove to be a wise financial decision. Having said that, look for a seal or certification to prove that the extension cord has been tested by a laboratory and labeled safe to use.

Protect the cord from moisture

Wet electrical accessories automatically invite short-circuiting, which may increase the risk of electrical fires in your home or facility. Make sure to use extension cords away from water sources.

If you need to use cords in moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom or kitchen, never use the extension cord when you observe that it is sitting on a water puddle.

Unplug unused cords

Precaution is always welcome in terms of electrical safety, and one simple but effective way of achieving this is by cutting off the power in unused items. The same goes with electrical cords – if you’re not using the extension cord, unplug it from the power socket.

Don’t use extension cords permanently

It’s easy to disregard the use of extension cords, which may lead you to use it on the same set of appliances for long periods of time. If you notice that you’re using a particular electrical appliance regularly and on the same spot, you might as well install a wall-mounted electrical socket.

Note that extension cords are meant for temporary connections only.

Never overload an extension cord

The convenience that extension cords bring to any home is vast. The effect is that you may find yourself plugging in too many electrical devices into the same cord. This is a big no-no, as extension cords can only accommodate so much electrical resistance.

Avoid “octopus” connections to the extension cord, where you plug in 4 or more appliances into a single extension wire. You may be inviting danger into your house!

Final Word

The extension cord is an extremely helpful tool to widen the scope of electrical supply in your home. Just make sure that you’re using it safely and effectively. This is so that you can get the most out of this handy electrical accessory.

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