Wiring for Ideal Home Technology System

Many homeowners today are turning their houses into homes where technology is seamlessly integrated into every part of their daily routine. People want to virtually do anything they want from their device, from anywhere. This includes listening to music from any room in the house from your fancy new SONOS system, hooking multiple computers to each other and one printer, turning lights off and on remotely, etc. Sound crazy? You’re not alone. For many, this sounds like something right out of the future.

Home setups like these are becoming more and more common. However, complications arise because most houses are built with wiring plans that don’t easily allow for integration of various technologies. To convert these homes into a technological playland, like what we’re talking about here, many people think that you have to start putting up wires all over the place. This leads to messy and somewhat dangerous living situations. This is too bad because, with today’s technology, a fully-connected set up like this is not only possible, but relatively easy to accomplish with a minimal mess. How? Well, the answer lies in something called structured cabling.

Structured cabling means that all the cabling in a house – telephone, ethernet, and A/V cables – all start at a central location in the house. This is usually a box, similar to a circuit breaker box.  From this control box, a bundle of cables go to each room in the house. You can then have the wiring set-up you want individually tailored for the purpose of the room. For example, you can put telephone ports in every wall, or cable TV lines in every corner.

So far, this sounds relatively normal, right? What makes this set up different, though, is that in addition to the wiring going out of the control box, there is a second bundle of wiring going back from each room to the control box. Now, each room of the house can communicate to every other room in the house. You can hook up devices from one room to another, have a fully integrated speaker system, be on a home network without worrying about someone tapping into your WiFi – all without having an unnecessary mess of cables and wires. Suddenly having a “home of the future” becomes much more feasible.

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